Schedule Your Eye Exam Today, Before Your Deductible Resets to $0

2015 is right around the corner, which means time is running out before your health insurance deductible will reset. Pushing off your eye exam until next year means you may have to pay more out of your own pocket for anything you need as a result of that exam (i.e. eye surgery). However, if you […]

Whether You’re Lighting Fireworks or Just Watching – Keep Your Families Eye’s Safe This Independence Day

Enjoying the three F’s… Family, frankfurters, and fireworks – all the highlight of Independence Day, but one of them can do seriously more harm. In the most recent fireworks injury report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 11,400 fireworks related injuries occurred this past year where victims needed emergency room treatment, and 1 in […]

It’s Healthy Vision Month! Make Your Vision Last a Lifetime.

When it comes to our health, we often visit our doctor or nurse regularly to make sure our bodies are healthy. But what about our eyes? They’re not always top of mind, but they’re just as important. During Healthy Vision Month, held each May, the National Eye Institute (NEI) reminds you to make your eye […]