Corrective Eye Center History

Here is a brief timeline highlighting just a few of the major milestones at Corrective Eye Center:


  • Dr. Salamon founded the Cataract Eye Center of Cleveland, Inc.
  • Operating out of the St. Vincent Medical Building in Cleveland, Ohio


  • Dr. Louis joined the practice in August


  • Opened our first satellite office in Euclid, Ohio in the AM Pena Building
  • Dr. Louis started seeing patients at Grace Hospital on West 14th


  • Opened up another satellite office in Independence, at the Rockside Medical Building
  • Dr. Louis went from Grace Hospital to Lutheran Medical Center


  • Corrective Eye Center purchased the practice of Dr. Jack Peretz and moved to the Euclid Medical Plaza.
  • Dr. Peretz continued to see his patients while now working with Dr. Salamon and Dr. Louis and the Corrective Eye Center


  • Dr. Louis began seeing patients on the West side in Fairview


  • Opened up Cleveland Surgical Suites in Richmond Heights, Ohio.
    Began formal cataract Co-management with Optometrists within Northeast Ohio, Greater Cleveland Area
  • Patient sees their Cleveland/Akron Area Optometrist (O.D.)
  • Optometrist diagnoses cataracts, glaucoma, etc.
  • Optometrist cannot perform surgery
  • Optometrist refers patient to Corrective Eye Center for surgery
  • Corrective Eye Center physician performs the surgery
  • Corrective Eye Center sends patient back to Cleveland or Akron area Optometrist for follow up care


  • Started performing Lasik surgery


  • Dr. Louis went from Fairview, Ohio to West 150th office
  • Started performing Intacs
  • Another form of refractive surgery: Corneal ring segments inserted into the eyes.
  • Baby steps of going from Cataract Eye Center to Corrective Eye Center Still “CEC”
  • Wanted people and other doctor’s to know we did more than just cataracts
  • Lasik/Intacs potential was unaware since name was Cataract and not Corrective


  • Corrective Eye Center was born, a division of Cataract Eye Center


  • Created website for Corrective Eye Center via World Synergy


  • Stopped performing Lasik
  • Cataract Eye Center dba Corrective Eye Center officially became Corrective Eye Center
  • Optometrist Referral network grew
  • Began holding quartly O.D. Educational Seminars
  • O.D. need credit hours each year to maintain status
  • Shadowing an M.D. aka Grand Rounds
  • Observing surgery in the Operating Room
  • Attending a CE (Certified Education) seminar
  • Must be approved by the State Optometry Board


  • Moved head operations from Downtown Cleveland, Ohio location to Euclid, Ohio location
  • Euclid became Main Office


  • Premium Lens were introduced: ReSTOR, Crystalens and Toric
  • Created O.D. only section on website for referring Optometrists


  • Corrective Eye Center bought out the AmSurg partners to acquired Cleveland Surgical Suites


  • Dr. Louis went from West 150th to Rocky River


  • No more Lutheran patients

Tidbits on CEC

  • First medical practice to advertise on TV beginning in 1987
  • First Ophthalmology practice to own an SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasy)
  • Leading PRIVATE Practice in Northeast Ohio—NOT part of UH or Cleveland Clinic