Eye Doctors & Staff

The Cleveland ophthalmology staff at the Corrective Eye Center works as a team to provide you with the best medical care available for your eyes. We are your Cleveland eye care providers.

Cleveland Eye Doctors

Our eye doctors, Dr. Salamon, Dr. Louis and Dr. Shafran, are board certified ophthalmologists who have dedicated themselves to providing the finest eye care available. They remain up-to-date without losing the conservative, protective nature that allows you to have excellent, safe eye care.

Eye Care Specialists & Ophthalmology Staff

All of our Cleveland ophthalmology staff are highly trained eye care specialists, both in school and in the real world of taking care of you at the Corrective Eye Center. There are several levels of ophthalmic certification which have been achieved by our technical staff. Our Certified Ophthalmic Assistants all work to give you the best medical care available.

We strive to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Our Cleveland eye doctors and ophthalmology support staff makes that happen. From the staff who answer the phone to those who prepare and submit your insurance forms, we are all dedicated to helping you look and see your best.

Schedule Vision Screening, or Comprehensive Eye Exam

To schedule a free eye health screening, use our Free Eye Health Screening page or use our Contact Us page for questions, to schedule an appointment or for a comprehensive eye exam.