Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

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In this day and age, we are constantly exposed to blue light and therefore, it is important to contemplate the benefits of blue light glasses. Digital screens that emit blue light are often the culprit for eye strain and fatigue. These symptoms of eye strain can include headaches, blurry vision, and dry eye. Blue lenses for computers and digital screens can help mitigate these symptoms. 

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a portion of the visible light spectrum with the shortest wavelength and the highest energy. Although blue light has its benefits, our digital overexposure to blue light can pose risks. An assortment of digital screens emit blue light including phones, tablets, TVs, computers, and artificial lighting. Overexposure to these digital screens can lead to eye strain symptoms and sleep disruption. The cornea and lens do not block blue light well; therefore, blue light glasses benefit us.

Blue Light Glasses Benefits

Although there are several apps and screens you can use to mitigate the effects of blue light to achieve blue light filter benefits, a simple solution is using blue light blocking glasses. These glasses are specially made to filter blue light. What makes blue blocking eye glasses unique is their portability and adaptability. They can be worn during excessive device usage and removed afterward. Moreover, you can apply blue light blocking filters to prescription lenses. Individuals often use blue lenses for computers during work hours and before bed to reduce the disruption of sleep cycles.

Other Ways to Gain Blue Light Filter Benefits

Besides using blue lenses for computer and digital devices, that are other steps you can take to filter blue light and protect your vision. Using artificial tears to help with dryness from prolonged computer use can help with eye strain. It is also important to take breaks from devices, use sunglasses when in natural daylight, and try to avoid devices before bed. If you are experiencing eye strain, schedule an appointment today. Our team of professionals can assist you with your vision concerns.