2014 Resolutions? It’s Not too Late to Add Better Eye Health!

Better Eye Health not on the listExperience better eye health this year!

One thing many of us make a habit of doing when ringing in a new year is to reflect on the previous year and create a list of resolutions for the next. One thing more of us should add to that list – better eye health! That’s right. We typically put “being more healthy,” “losing weight,” and “getting in shape” at the top of the list, while taking our vision for granted. So add better eye health to that list of New Years resolutions for 2014 and feel accomplished as you fulfill your promises to your future eyes.

To make it even easier for you, the Cleveland eye doctors at Corrective Eye Center came up with a list of four simple things you can do in 2014 to help maintain and/or improve your vision on into 2015.

Incorporate the 20-20-20 Rule into Your Day

We all spend more time in front of screens these days and staring for long periods can be hurtful to your eyes. Televisions, tablets, computer screens and even smart phones can cause your eyes to become dry, irritated and red. Follow the 20-20-20 Rule to help break up your screen time. Basically, for every 20 minutes you look at an electronic screen, take a 20-second break to look at something that is 20 feet away.

Schedule an Annual Eye Exam for 2014 Today

In 2014 don’t forget to schedule regular eye exams for you and your family members to help protect your vision and prevent future problems. Our Cleveland eye specialists are trained to check for a variety of vision disorders, including macular degeneration, dry eyes and glaucoma. Not sure when to visit your optometrist or the ophthalmologist? Refer to our last blog post, “Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Opticians: Oh My!

Take Better Care of Your Contact Lenses

Vow to improve your contact lens cleaning and storing routine. Commit to taking out your contact lenses before you go to sleep at night, and stick to the recommended replacement schedule when it comes time to changing your contacts.

Protect Your Eyes from the Sun – Especially this Winter

We don’t take the time to realize how damaging UV rays can be to our eyes – especially in the winter months when they reflect off the snow. Make 2014 the year you will purchase a protective pair of prescription sunglasses to prevent exposing your eyes to damaging sun rays.

Sit down with one of our eye doctors to determine the risk factors you may be facing for healthy vision and put together a plan for 2014. Eating right and losing weight could be great resolutions, but don’t take your vision for granted this year. Schedule an appointment with one of our Cleveland eye doctors today by calling (216) 574-8900 or use the contact us form on the website.