What to Consider When Buying Sunglasses

Sunglasses are often considered a fashion accessory, or something to make you look “cool”, but they’re actually very important in protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Here’s five quick tips on what you need to consider when buying sunglasses, and don’t worry, you can still find something that does both protect your eyes and is in style.

  1. Bigger Sometimes is Better
    The more coverage you have the less sun damages the eye. Considered oversized, or wrap around glasses which cut down on UV rays from entering the eye from the side.
  2. Buy Glasses Marked 100% UV Protection
    Ultraviolet (UV) radiation has been linked to the development of cataracts and eye cancers, along with macular degeneration and other diseases. Remember darker lenses don’t mean better UV protection.
  3. Polarized Glasses Reduce Glare not UV
    Polarized glasses can make driving and being on the water safer due to the reduction in reflection.
  4. Polycarbonate VS Other Materials
    While all glasses marked 100% UV protection protect your eyes, not all glasses are shatter proof, which can leave your eyes susceptible to eye injuries. Look for sunglasses that are made from polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate is made from compressed plastic tubes and will not shatter.
  5. Don’t Let Cost be a Factor
    Even cheap sunglasses marked 100% UV protection can be just as effective as pricey designer sunglasses.