Corrective Eye Center Helps Raise Awareness During National Glaucoma Month

Did you know January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month?

Glaucoma affects approximately 2% of the population over the age of 35 and generally has no noticeable symptoms such as redness or pain. This can cause serious vision loss before noticing any change, leaving you with tunnel vision, or worse and more permanent symptoms.

What you can do to help promote glaucoma awareness throughout the month of January?

  1. Learn more about glaucoma exams and treatments from our informative website.
  2. Talk about your health with loved ones and find out if you’re at risk; glaucoma commonly runs in the family.
  3. Schedule a comprehensive eye exam today with our Cleveland area eye doctors.

In order to help more of our patients understand the dangers of this and other eye conditions, Corrective Eye Center urges everyone to schedule a comprehensive eye exam.