It Starts with the Exam

Cleveland Area Eye Exam

Ophthalmologist or optometrist optician examYou have been struggling with driving and night and are growing tired of seeing halos and faded colors. You don’t have to live with blurry or double vision. You may have cataracts and the ophthalmologists at Corrective Eye Center can help. It starts with the exam.

The patchy blind stops in your peripheral vision are becoming distracting, and the tunnel vision is unbearable. Your headaches are more becoming more frequent and your eyes are often red – what can offer relief, treatment or management? It may be glaucoma and it is time to call the eye care specialists at Corrective Eye Center. It starts with the exam.

The drug store eye drops offer no relief anymore. Your dry eyes are causing pain and discomfort during all seasons, winter and summer alike. There are procedures that can help regulate tear production and provide resolution if you call your doctor. It starts with the exam.

Tired of hearing people ask if you are tired even when well rested? Those droopy eyelids and bags under your eyes don’t ever seem to go away and at times seem to inhibit your ability to see! The surgeons at Corrective Eye Center perform eyelid surgeries that leave you looking refreshed with limited or local anesthesia, make the call today. It starts with the exam.

No matter what ails you and your eyes, it all starts with the exam at Corrective Eye Center in the Cleveland area and surrounding suburbs. Contact us today at 216-574-8900 to make your appointment and be on your way to improved eyesight.