LASIK Myths: Fact vs. Fiction

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LASIK laser eye surgery is one of the most common elective eye procedures. LASIK is proven to be a safe, reliable, effective method of permanent vision correction. Unfortunately, you may have heard some LASIK myths that make you understandably apprehensive to move forward with the operation. Let’s dive into some of the common misconceptions about LASIK laser eye surgery to examine the facts related to each of them.

Myth: Laser Eye Surgery is Risky

Any type of surgery will always involve a degree of risk, but if we determine that you’re an ideal LASIK candidate, the chance of complications from LASIK is greatly reduced. First, Corrective Eye Center’s LASIK expert Dr. Petro performs a variety of detailed examinations to identify any potentially problematic issues or pre-existing conditions. Then, she will recommend the best vision solution for you based on your exam results. Finally, if/once you’ve completed your LASIK procedure, she will prescribe post-operative eye drops (antibiotic and steroid) to prevent discomfort and infection.

The most common complication associated with laser eye surgery is dry eyes, but there is no evidence that it causes permanent dry eyes. If these issues occur, they are typically temporary, and disappear soon after. At Corrective Eye Center, we have never had a patient experience any major issues after a LASIK procedure.

Myth: You Can Go Blind from LASIK

No LASIK patients have ever gone blind as a result of the surgery. That is because during LASIK, your surgeon reshapes your cornea by treating the surface layer of your eye, which in no way could lead to blindness. Complications are rare, often subside over time, and are usually correctable. We even offer a one-year revision guarantee if you ever need to come back for any other procedures relating to your LASIK operation.

Myth: LASIK Won’t Work Because I Have Astigmatism

LASIK eye surgery is actually more effective at correcting astigmatism than glasses or specialized contact lenses. That is because Dr. Petro reshapes your cornea during your LASIK procedure, which can correct your astigmatism.

Myth: Laser Eye Surgery is Painful

LASIK surgery is not painful. We numb your eyes with drops before the laser treatment, so all you feel is mild pressure. Then, we give you a mild oral sedative prior to the procedure to make you more relaxed. After LASIK, your eyes may feel sensitive and dry for a few hours. The post-operative eye drops will help resolve any discomfort.

Myth: I’m Too Old for LASIK

There is no age restriction for LASIK, other than we typically recommend waiting until you’re over the age of 18 for treatment. That said, there is a correlation between age and LASIK candidacy. As you get older, your eyes are more at risk for age-related eye conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma that can prevent you from being a LASIK candidate. Simply schedule an appointment to determine if LASIK is right for you.