Self-pay Patients

When it comes to eye surgery, Corrective Eye Center wants to give each and every one of our patients the best experience possible. That is why Corrective Eye Center’s Northeast Ohio locations are equipped to perform a number of ophthalmic procedures.

Self-Pay Patients: Uninsured Financial Assistance
As healthcare laws continue to evolve, we understand that those changes have a direct effect on our patients’ health insurance coverage. Rest assured that Corrective Eye Center accepts various forms of payment for eye surgeries and eye exams. Corrective Eye Center can work with patients who may not have private insurance as well as those who do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. Additionally, patients have the option to apply for financing through our partner, Care Credit.

Corrective Eye Center is dedicated to improving the health of our patients. As part of that commitment, we will work with you to determine the best financial arrangement for your eye care. Please call 216-574-8900 and ask to speak with our Billing Specialist for more information.

Discount Pricing: Bundled Pricing for Eye Procedures
Corrective Eye Center offers self-pay discounts and bundled surgery pricing to our patients who do not have medical insurance or who have a high deductible.

Please Note: Corrective Eye Center’s Self-pay Eye Surgery charges cover all components of the surgery, including the initial exam and measurements, the intra-ocular lens implant (IOL), the surgeon’s fee, the facility (OR) fee. and the fee for anesthesia:

Pricing Breakdown for Self-Pay Patients


Cataract Surgery $2650 per eye
Glaucoma Surgery Please call 216-574-8900 for pricing.
Eyelid Lifts $2000 per eyelid