Preventing Eye Injuries at Home, in the Game and on the Job

October is Eye Injury Prevention Month – a time to increase awareness about preventing eye injuries. The eye doctors at Corrective Eye Center think it’s important you know how many people are impacted by pain and vision loss each year as a result of eye injuries while we outline a few simple steps to make sure you and your loved ones don’t become an eye injury statistic. Prevent eye injuries today.

Did you know that almost all eye injuries occur at home, at work or while playing sports? Follow these precautions to protect yourself from eye injuries whether you’re at home, playing sports or hard at work on the job:

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Keeping Your Eyes Safe from Injury at Home

October is also Home Eye Safety Awareness Month, a separate designation to help educate everyone on ways to prevent painful and costly eye injuries. Almost half of all eye injuries occur at the home with 94,000 US adults and children suffering from eye injuries last year because of a product used at home (tools, cleansers, etc…). Follow these top three tips for to make sure you remain injury free:

1. Always Use Eye Protection

The best thing you can do to protect your eyes from chemicals, dust, projectiles and all hazards at home is wear eye protection – especially when doing various projects that include: automotive work, changing oil and doing anything that involves flying objects.

2. Prevent Falls

Another big risk for eye injuries at home occurs when you fall so secure rugs, remove tripping hazards and provide effective lighting and handrails to improve safety on stairs and walkways – especially in homes where seniors live.

For more details about Home Eye Safety read our last post: Proper Eye Protection in the Home, Yard and Garage Can Help Prevent Eye Injuries. Keeping in mind, this month is also Halloween, a time that can present unique challenges for protecting your eyes, read Protect Your Eyes from Halloween Horrors.

Preventing Sports-Related Eye Injuries

Over 600,000 eye injuries related to sports happen each year, and one-third of these injuries happen in children. Make sure everyone in your family protects their eyes while playing sports or being active.

1. Wear Properly Fitting Eye Protection

Please wear protective eyewear regardless if you wear contacts or glasses. In fact, an eye care specialist should make sure that your goggles and glasses are correctly fitted.

2. Use Polycarbonate Lenses

Make sure lenses are made from polycarbonate materials because they handle the biggest level of impact, (e.g. withstand a ball or other projectiles cruising at 90 mph)

“Every year I treat dozens of kids with eye injuries from sports, especially at the beginning of the season,” said Rahul N. Khurana, M.D., ophthalmologist and clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. “Whether they get a finger in the eye, or are slammed in the face with an errant ball, all are injuries that could have been easily avoided with safety goggles. Spending a little money on goggles could make a big difference in preventing a life-long eye injury.”

Protecting/Preventing Your Eyes from Injury at Work

Did you know that over 700,000 Americans suffer from work-related eye injuries each year? In addition, almost 1 Million Americans have suffered from some degree of vision loss as a result of an eye injury! The good news is that 90% of work-related eye injuries are preventable. Statistically that means 630,000 Americans who suffered from an eye injury at work last year could have avoided it. Let’s make sure you’re not a part of that number

by following this advice in preventing eye injuries on the job.

1. Secure the Environment:

It’s probably second nature to walk your yard before you mow the lawn because you know that if there’s something hiding in the grass it could cause you, and your equipment, serious harm. So why not do the same thing on the job? Before getting to work make sure all hazards to eyes are removed, and if you work in or around chemicals, that proper eye wash equipment is very handy.

2. Wear Specialized Eye Protection

Sure, it’s one thing to wear some inexpensive safety goggles, but to get serious about protecting your eyes select protective eyewear that’s job specific and make sure it fits properly. The eye protection you should use will depend on a number of things: are you working with equipment, is the hazard in gas, liquid or solid form, are your eyes exposed to heat by embers or potential chemical burns, what other protective equipment do you use and do you wear glasses or corrective contacts? So discuss your proper eye protection with your employer and bring your eye protection into the eye doctors at Corrective Eye Center so we can make sure your eye protection is properly fitted.

3. Visit the Ophthalmologist Annually

In addition to a safe environment and properly fitting eye protection, early detection and treatment of eye conditions and diseases are essential to maintaining good vision at work, and having good vision is critical to avoid eye injuries. Getting a dilated eye examination with your eye doctor will help detect and treat any signs of vision loss to make sure you avoid on-the-job and at home eye injuries.

Celebrate Eye Injury Prevention Month this October by following our recommendations for staying safe and protecting those eyes! To schedule a comprehensive dilated eye exam with one of our Cleveland, Independence, Rocky River or Euclid, Ohio eye doctors, call 216-574-8900 or contact our eye specialists for more information on how to prevent eye injuries.

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