Save Your Vision Month – Don’t Take Your Vision for Granted

save your visionSave Your Vision Month is celebrated annually in March to promote good eye health and increase awareness of a sense that can often times be taken for granted—Sight.

Specifically, the American Optometric Association holds Save Your Vision Month to encourage the importance of eye health and more specifically to prompt people to schedule their annual eye exams.

Combat Dry Eye and Eye Strain

In a world where technology is ever-present and at our fingertips, our eyeballs are literally seeing more digital screens. Computers, eReaders, tablets, and smartphones are being used more frequently and for longer periods of times, which means our eyes are at an increased risk for developing problems related to eye strain and dry eye.

Corrective Eye Center is proud to celebrate Save Your Vision Month, and we encourage our family, friends, and patients to spread the word about the importance of scheduling a comprehensive eye exam. We hope to see in one of our Northeast Ohio eye care locations soon!