Now is the Time to Use Your Medical Insurance

The end of the year is quickly approaching and that means the end of most of your insurance plan benefits. In most Corrective Eye Center Medical Insurancecases, unused medical insurance benefits from this year will not be carried over to the new year. So, you should use it before your deductible resets. This also means you should take advantages of any eye care procedures that you may have been wanting if you have already met this year’s deductible to avoid paying for the full exam, or procedure when your deductible resets in January 2018.

Corrective Eye Center likes to remind all of our valued customers of their medical insurance/benefits and provide you with tips on how to best utilize those benefits before the end of the year.

Corrective Eye Center accepts a variety of insurance plans. Our staff is knowledgeable and trained to help answer any questions related to insurance benefits, what your vision insurance covers, and whether or not a co-pay will be needed.

Corrective Eye Center Accepts the Following Medical Insurance

Corrective Eye Center accepts 99% of all insurance plans, except for those restricted within Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals access only. We still accept and will continue to accept new CareSource insurance patients.

Corrective Eye Center accepts Medicare, Medicaid, HMO/PPO and insurance. CEC will file insurance forms on your behalf. If you are uncertain about your insurance coverage we’ll handle the fine print, simply ask CEC’s Billing Specialist for assistance – we can check with your insurance company to determine your coverage.

Don’t have eye insurance? No Problem! We offer financing through CareCredit. With over 175,000 providers nationwide, you can use CareCredit to pay for the procedures and treatments you want.

Schedule your eye exam or procedure before the end of the year at a Corrective Eye Center location near you, online, or by calling 216.574.8900!