HD Vision (LENS)


Are you having trouble reading the paper? Finding yourself having to squint? How about watching television? Are the pictures on the screen not too clear? Has driving at night become a real chore? Then you might have cataracts! Don’t panic, first get your eyes checked, then call The Corrective Eye Center and let us introduce YOU to High Definition Vision, exclusively at The Corrective Eye Center.

Experience Counts! And Drs. Salamon, Louis and Shafran have over 50 years of it, combined!

If you have cataracts, wear bifocals, have astigmatism or contact lenses, do we have news for you! Thanks to Premium Lenses, like Restore and Crystalens you’ll be able to see near, far and everywhere in between. Premium lenses not only treat your cataracts, they give you back your full range of vision. In fact, many patients hardly need their glasses after surgery.

Near: Most patients are able to read books or newspapers without glasses.

Intermediate: Most patients can see computers, dashboards and anything else at arm’s length without glasses.

Distance: Most patients are able to see 20/40 or better after surgery, without glasses. Which means you can see things across the room or across the beach.

Call us today at 216-574-8900 to see which Premium Lens is right for you! And get your High Definition Vision!