Understanding Your Eye Care Deductible at Corrective Eye Center

Need help better understanding eye care deductible? With the end of the year approaching, it made us think about insurance deductibles. Does anyone really understand how they work? We found an article, Managing Your Deductible by Dr. Oz that actually does a good job explaining the differences between deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, etc. Dr. Oz explains […]

The Silent Thief of Sight: Are you at Risk?

Could you use a glaucoma diagnosis test? From babies to senior citizens, everyone is at risk for glaucoma. It’s the second leading cause of blindness in the world and there is currently no cure. What’s worse is there may be no symptoms to warn you! It is estimated that over 2.2 million Americans have glaucoma but […]

Keeping the Kids’ Eyes Safe this Summer

We specialize in Cleveland Eye Safety! School has been out in most Cleveland, Ohio areas for a little over a week now. What does that mean for your family? Typically summertime in Cleveland means more sun (no promises here), more sports, outdoor activities, swimming, playing in the yard or parks and more fireworks. Although these […]

Running Away from Cataracts?

Are you in need of Cleveland cataract specialists? If you’re a runner you may have a reduced chance of developing cataracts. A recent article in Runner’s World, “Runners Might Have Fewer Cataracts,” reviews the results of a six-year study of over 46,000 walkers and runners. The study appears to have found a correlation between high […]

Celebrate Healthy Vision Month with a FREE Eye Health Screening

May is Healthy Vision Month, which was first established by the National Eye Institute (NEI) in May 2003. Currently, there are millions of Americans living with undetected vision problems and eye diseases. NEI established May as Healthy Vision Month in an effort to remind the nation to make their vision a necessary priority. Specifically, eye […]

April Showers Bring Eye Allergy Flare-Ups

April in Cleveland is usually the time when our ophthalmologists start to see an influx of patients with eye allergies. Because eyes have a sticky and moist surface, it makes them especially prone to environmental irritants such as pollen, mold and grasses. In fact, millions of Americans suffer from eye allergies every year, and the […]

Save Your Vision Month – Don’t Take Your Vision for Granted

Save Your Vision Month is celebrated annually in March to promote good eye health and increase awareness of a sense that can often times be taken for granted—Sight. Specifically, the American Optometric Association holds Save Your Vision Month to encourage the importance of eye health and more specifically to prompt people to schedule their annual […]

Common Glaucoma Management Options

Corrective Eye Center offers a number of glaucoma management options. Glaucoma is a vision disorder caused by increased pressure in the eye, and it affects approximately 2% of Americans aged 35 and over. Dubbed the “Silent Thief of Sight,” glaucoma generally has no noticeable symptoms or warning signs, and it leads to serious vision loss and […]