Referral Partners at Corrective Eye Center

Thank you for your trust in Corrective Eye Center. Our ophthalmologists recognize that close partnerships in health care and rich relationships across specialties are critical to maintaining patient eye health over a lifetime. Our goal is to provide an easy, seamless referral process for you and your patients. We are committed to working as your trusted partner in caring for your patient, and will keep you informed of our diagnosis and treatment plans every step of the way. It’s only through the close connections we make that we’re able to cultivate a continuum of care that enhances health in our communities. Whether we’re managing referrals from doctors within our own organization, or building external partnerships, we extend our commitment to offering all patients the highest level of eye care.

To make referrals easier, we have dedicated team members that help facilitate the process. We truly value the trust, referrals, and relationships with our fellow health care providers. Thank you for referring your patients to Corrective Eye Center. A Corrective Eye Center representative will call your patient to schedule.