Learning About Diabetic Eye Disease – November is National Diabetes Month.

What is Diabetic Eye Disease? November is National Diabetes Month. Did you know that diabetes is one of the primary reasons for blindness amongst working-age adults in the United States? However, with early detection and preventative treatment prescribed by an eye doctor in a timely manner, this disease can be controlled. Diabetic Eye Disease 101: […]

Proper Home Eye Protection in the Yard and Garage Can Help Prevent Eye Injuries

This Press Release Provided By: Prevent Blindness Sarah Hecker (312)363-6035 shecker@preventblindness.org Accidents with Power Tools Cause More Eye Injuries than Any Other Product CHICAGO (Sept. 24, 2014) – In 2013, more than 94,000 adults and children were treated in hospital emergency rooms in the United States for eye injuries from products. Many of these products […]

Protect Your Eyes from Halloween Horrors

Protect your eyes while Trick-or Treating with the kids this Halloween. Getting costume ideas ready for a Halloween party of your own? Don’t forget to protect your eyes from a few Halloween horrors that can accompany those costumes! Every year we see reports come in about eye injuries from Halloween activities, so with Halloween right […]

Sep­tem­ber is Healthy Aging Eyes Month

Sep­tem­ber is Healthy Aging Eyes Month. Car­olyn Wor­thing­ton, editor-in-chief of Healthy Aging® Mag­a­zine and exec­u­tive direc­tor of Healthy Aging® is the cre­ator of Sep­tem­ber is Healthy Aging® Month, an annual health obser­vance designed to focus national atten­tion on the pos­i­tive aspects of grow­ing older. There are over 76 mil­lion baby boomers today over 50 and […]

Add Healthy Vision to Your Back to School Supply List

Is it a learning disability, or could it be one of a number of children vision disorders? It’s that time of year again. Summer is almost over and the new school year quickly approaches. You’ve printed out those extensive Back to School Supply Lists and begun to equip your children with notebooks, highlighters, pencil boxes, […]

7 Sight-Saving Habits for Seniors from Corrective Eye Center

We’re here to help with these sight-saving habits… The American Academy of Ophthalmology encourages us to celebrate senior independence in the month of July with these seven sight-saving habits. Among older Americans, visual impairment is one of the most significant contributors to loss of independence; it is also associated with a higher prevalence of chronic […]