Eye Protection – Five Ways to Protect Your Eyes on the Field

eye protectionEye protection should be one of your biggest concerns when playing sports. Think about the most recent basketball, football, or baseball game you watched. Do you remember what protective gear the players were wearing? You’ll probably recall seeing mouthguards, helmets, and knee or elbow pads. But, do you remember seeing protective eye coverings? Too often players forget to take measures to protect their eyes on the court or field.

Protecting your eyes is an important safety measure – especially for a high impact sport. Here are our top five ways to prevent a sports eye injury.

  1. Wear safety goggles or glasses
    Safety goggles or glasses are crucial for racquet sports such as basketball or racquetball. Find protective eyewear that is ASTM F803 approved and keep your eyes safe from wandering fingers or bouncing balls.
  2. Use face guards
    A strong polycarbonate face guard can protect a soccer or field hockey goalie from face and eye injury.
  3. Equip helmets with face shields
    Protect your eyes from the impact of a ball, puck, or player’s arm by equipping your helmet with a face shield. This is especially important for football and hockey.
  4. Protect from the elements
    Protect your eyes from ice, snow, and harsh wind while skiing by wearing high-impact goggles.
  5. Attach a wire guard
    Baseball players should attach a wire guard to their helmet while at bat, and switch to sport goggles in the field.

No matter which sport is your favorite, it is important to remember to protect your eyes while you play. For more help or questions about keeping your eyes safe, contact Corrective Eye Center at (216) 574-8900 or schedule your exam online.