Halloween Eye Makeup Safety Tips

makeup safety

Various Halloween costumes involve the application of costume makeup. The makeup is usually heavier than normal application and can include paints, glitters, and more. This year, follow our simple Halloween makeup safety tips to avoid any potential issues that could damage your eyes.

Avoid Corneal Abrasions by Choosing Cosmetic-Grade Glitter

Glitter can be a really fun and beautiful addition to your costume. We recommend avoiding putting craft glitters or glitter intended for the body or hair near your eyes. Glitter sparkles due to its angled edges that reflect light. Glitter that is not cosmetic-grade or made for the eye area can potentially make tiny cuts in your cornea or eye area. Conversely, cosmetic-grade glitter is made from plastic, and it is cut in a rounded shape to minimize the risk of cuts or scratches.

Be Careful with Face Paint for Eye Makeup Safety

Makeup that isn’t hypoallergenic can cause eye irritation, infection, or even injury. When applying face makeup during Halloween, be sure to use hypoallergenic formulas and stay clear of the lash line. We also recommend thoroughly removing your makeup before bed with makeup remover, soap, and water. 

Don’t Share Makeup with Others

Makeup can be a breeding ground for contagious viruses and bacteria such as conjunctivitis. And not all eye infections present themselves immediately, so sharing an eyeshadow applicator with a seemingly healthy friend can still post a risk for bacteria transfer. To avoid these issues, avoid sharing eye makeup with anyone. And if you do contract a bacteria such as conjunctivitis, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your brushes to avoid reinfecting yourself. 

Discard Old Makeup

After Halloween is over, it may be tempting to store your costume makeup for the following year. But even regular cosmetics have an expiration date. For example, mascara should be throw away after six months of use since bacteria can grow in it. And Halloween makeup is no exception. You should throw away any leftover makeup and replace it with new products the following year. 

Only Used Prescribed Contacts for Optimal Halloween Makeup Safety

Do not purchase contact lenses that don’t require a prescription, typically sold in costume shops or online stores. Contact lenses should be fitted to your eyes and are made with eye-safe materials. Ill-fitted contacts can cause scratches in the eyes and even lead to a corneal ulcer. Corneal ulcers are very uncomfortable and need to be treated immediately to avoid vision loss.   

Make an Appointment with Corrective Eye Center

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