Home Eye Health and Safety

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These days, you may be spending more time at home than ever before. Learn what hazards to avoid around your home that could endanger your eye heath and cause home eye injuries.

Common Eye Injuries at Home

Approximately 94,000 eye injuries occur because of a product used at home. Experts say wearing safety glasses and taking a few common-sense precautions can prevent or reduce the severity of eye injuries:

  • Wear protective eyewear when doing house or yard work. Dangerous tasks may include chemicals, power tools, or flying debris. The top four items that contribute to eye injuries include:
    1. Power tools
    2. Welding tools
    3. Workshop Grinders, Buffers or Polishers
    4. Manual Tools
  • Keep household cleaners and chemicals out of reach of children by placing them on high shelves or in childproof cupboards. Bleach, in particular, is a major contributor to at-home eye injuries.
  • Always check the age recommendation to ensure toys and games are appropriate for your child. Toys with hard or sharp edges can be potential eye hazards.
  • Dispose of old or damaged beauty products, such as eye makeup and applicators, to avoid potential eye hazards.
  • Never face champagne corks towards anyone’s face, including your own.
  • Avoid the risks of using at-home fireworks. We recommend attending a professional fireworks show instead.

Safety Glasses can Prevent At-Home Eye Injuries

The best thing you can do to protect your eyes from chemicals, dust, projectiles and all hazards at home is wear eye protection – especially when doing various house repairs/renovations, automotive work, or yard work that involves flying objects like weed trimming or yard edging. When looking for safety glasses, it is important to have impact-resistant lenses and safety-rated frames.

Prevent Falls in Your Home

Another big risk for eye injuries at home occurs when you fall. To avoid potential tripping hazards, get your eyes checked regularly. If it has been a while since you’ve got your eyes checked, please schedule an appointment. We also recommend securing rugs, keeping walking paths clear, and making sure you have effective lighting and handrails on stairs and walkways – especially in homes where seniors live. Also, limit the amount of alcohol you consume, learn the side effects of any medication you take, and use an assistive device if you need help walking.

What to Do if an Eye Injury Occurs

If you or your child has an eye injury at home, contact us by calling (216) 574-8900 immediately. If it a true eye emergency, or if it is after regular business hours, call 911. It is always better to be overly cautious when it comes to your eyes. After your phone call with us, we may recommend you come to our office or go to the emergency room, depending on the severity. We may also ask you to flush your eye, remove your contact lenses, or cover your eye, depending on the situation. Remember, when in doubt, treat all eye injuries as potential emergencies. You only have one pair of eyes, and we want to ensure they are taken care of!