May is Healthy Vision Month – Make a Commitment to Your Health!

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As the warm weather approaches, many people are thinking about getting in shape for the summer months. We begin to live a healthier and more active lifestyle that includes long walks in the park, a kick start to fitness routines, maybe eating fruits, salads and other healthy foods, and even reaching a goal weight. While these do amazing things for our overall wellness, did you know making these choices also positively impact your eyes? It’s true!

May is Healthy Vision Month, so while your goals may be short term – to look great and feel good over the next few months – know that maintaining your health and fitness helps your vision in the long run!

The National Eye Institute suggests making your eye health a priority by taking these additional steps or precautions to keep your eye safe and your vision protected:

  • Wear sunglasses! Those sunny days aren’t the only time to put on a pair of shades – even cloudy days can damage your eyes with UV rays and reflections, causing avoidable eye damage.
  • Use protective eyewear! Whether you work at a job that requires safety glasses, you are playing sports, or working in the yard, protective eye wear can save you from painful and long lasting eye injuries. Safety glasses and guards are made from special materials that are stronger than your regular glasses or sunglasses. They are worth the investment!
  • Get a comprehensive eye exam, including dilation! At Corrective Eye Center we know “it starts with the exam.” You may think your eyes are healthy but visiting your Cleveland eye doctor can help identify early stages of eye diseases that often have little to no symptoms.
  • Live healthfully! Weight gain, smoking, and chronic conditions often leave a patient predisposed to eye health issues such as diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, macular degeneration and even blindness. Making health decisions at meal time – fruits, veggies, and omega-3 fatty acids – have many eye health benefits and prevent the development of many health and eye related issues.

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