Cataract Laser Eye Surgery Q & A – Corrective Eye Center

You’ve been diagnosed with cataracts, and your ophthalmologist is recommending cataract laser eye surgery. Here are some answers to a few common questions.

    • How soon do I need to have my cataracts removed?
      Everyone has a different level of tolerance for blurred vision, glary vision, dim vision, etc. Some people are simply more alert. If you enjoy detail work, whether on the computer, or reading, sewing, hobbies, crafts, etc., your cataract may need removal earlier. Similarly, if you do a lot of night driving, or are active in sports such as tennis and golf, distance vision will be more important to you.A decrease in the distance vision, depending on how severe it is and how often it bothers you, would be a reason to schedule earlier cataract surgery.In summary, it is the quality of life of the patient that determines when cataract surgery should be performed. Allowing the cataract to remain in the eye longer, assuming that you are driving safely, and not endangering yourself or others because of limited vision, is a reasonable alternative. In other words, there is minimal to no risk in waiting for cataract surgery. However, remember that while your cataract is still in your eye, the vision is still blurry and will remain so.
    • How soon should I schedule my cataract laser eye surgery?
      Corrective Eye Center is usually able to schedule your surgery within one to three weeks.


    • How successful is cataract removal?
      The national rate of vision recovery after cataract surgery is 96% to 97%. In our practice, our rate approaches 99%.


    • What happens if I wait opposed to having cataract laser eye surgery now?
      Vision will continue to decrease, driving will become more challenging, watching TV, sewing, reading, may become more difficult.


  • What does Corrective Eye Center use to perform Cataract Laser Eye Surgery?
    Corrective Eye Center is advancing cataract laser eye surgery with our Catalys Laser System designed to bring you the option of laser cataract surgery with breakthrough technology. Our laser cataract surgery is designed to offer:Laser Cataract Refractive Surgery:-a bladeless procedure personalized to your eyes
    -precise, reproducible performance
    -enhanced surgeon control & efficiency
    -more predictable surgical outcomes
    -customized procedure planned and performed by our eye surgeons
  • How do I schedule a consult with a Corrective Eye Center doctor?
    Scheduling your appointment is easy. Simply complete our online scheduling form, or call us at 216.574.8900.

If you think that you may have cataracts visit our Cataract webpage for signs and symptoms here.