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How Well Do You See Colors? Take Our Color Vision Test

At Corrective Eye Center, we want to ensure your world is as vibrant and colorful as possible. Whether you’re curious about your color perception, concerned about potential color vision deficiencies, or simply keen on monitoring your eye health, our online test provides a quick, accessible way to assess your color vision capabilities.

Color vision is crucial in our daily lives, influencing everything from everyday tasks to career choices. That's why understanding your color vision status is more than just an interesting exercise—it's a critical aspect of your overall eye health. Our test is designed to be accessible yet effective, providing valuable insights into how you perceive colors.

Take the first step towards safeguarding your color vision. Join us in exploring the hues of your world with our comprehensive online color vision test.

How To Take Our Online Color Vision Test 

Are you ready to explore the clarity of your color perception? The color vision test presented here is a simple yet effective way to check for color vision deficiencies. Follow these steps for an insightful experience:

1. Examine Each Circle: Carefully look at each circle displayed below. Each one contains a number set against a pattern of colored dots.

2. Identify the Hidden Numbers: Your task is identifying the number within each circle. Take your time and focus on each pattern to see the number emerge.

3. Check Your Answers: Once you've gone through all the circles, compare your observations with the answers provided at the bottom of this page.

Need Help Seeing the Numbers? If you find it challenging to discern any of the numbers, this could indicate a difficulty in color perception.

Take the Next Step: In case of any concerns or if you cannot see specific numbers, we're here to help. Contact Corrective Eye Center to schedule a comprehensive eye examination for a more detailed assessment of your color vision.

Test Answers

A = 29 B = 6 C = 56 D = 25 E = 8 F = 45

Please Note: This online vision test is a preliminary screening tool. External factors like screen quality, lighting, and glare can affect test accuracy.

Concerned About Your Color Vision? Let's Explore It Together

If you experienced challenges in identifying the numbers within these images, it might be a sign to pay closer attention to your color vision. At Corrective Eye Centers, we understand color vision deficiencies' impact on your daily life, from minor inconveniences to significant challenges in certain professions and activities.

For clarity and peace of mind regarding your color vision, schedule a detailed consultation with us at Corrective Eye Centers. Our expert team is prepared to conduct a thorough review, delving into the causes and effects of your unique color vision profile. We are dedicated to providing personalized care, tailoring our advice and solutions to fit your lifestyle and needs. During your appointment, we'll also offer educational insights on how color vision deficiencies may impact your daily life and work, along with strategies to adapt and enhance your visual experiences.

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