Referring Optometrists

The doctors at Corrective Eye Center are eye surgeons, or ophthalmologists, and we do not have optometrists in our three Greater Cleveland locations. As a result, we have are proud to work with an extensive network of referring optometrists in the Cleveland area.

Karl Stoler, OD
Neil Perko, OD
Brian Kane, OD
Stephen Figler, OD
Joaquin Lim, OD
Sid Savitt, OD
Cindy Jemiola, OD
Amy Titus, OD
Michelle Lieb, OD
Scott Kriessler, OD
Robert Kriessler, OD
Steve Friedman, OD
Garry Crapanzano, OD
Peter Moygordy, OD

Contact our Optometric Liaison to learn more about any of our referring optometrists, or to learn more about how you can join the optometrists network.